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Dustin Cook and Milo Harper

Horny heat runs rampant, raging through the tight twink bodies of horny housemates Dustin Cook and Milo Harper. The hard bodied tent pitchers can’t hardly wait to close the bedroom door before groping groin and sucking on supple young flesh. Milo kisses his way down Dustin’s smooth torso toward Cook’s cock and swirls his talentd tongue around every throbbing inch of Dustin’s delicious dick.

When Cook can finally compose himself and and focus after tha four star suck job, he teases Harper’s hog, over his underwear then, downs the king sized ass crusher as he cranks his own cock. After Cook worked wonders on “mile long” Milo’s massive meat, Mr. Harper treats Dustin’s dong hungry hole to a gourmet gobblefest while the brunette beauty spreads his legs apart far as possible, allowing Harper to dive even deeper.

Wet and open for some big boner business, Milo muscles his massive manhood deep into Dustin’s derriere. Mr. Meat pushes his perfect piece till he gets the porny payoff of Cook’s cock stretched moans of pleasure. Anxious to dip his wick as well, Cook cocks Harper’s hole while the tan twink is on all fours, tha is untiil Dustin’s dom side cums ou swinging, pushing the porn prince’s pretty face into the bed with a heavy hand in the middle of his arched back.

Then, he wraps those same sexed up hands around the boy’s neck. The dicknamic duo keep it spicy and Dustin climbs Milo’s Mount Everest for a rough, raw ride complete with a hard hammering, ass smacking soundtrack. Cook’s cock can’t hold it’s erotic excitement in any longer and he delivers a divine load of fresh cream that splatters his fuck buddy right in the face, then keeps pushin’ past it with ferocious force! With the warm wetness dripping down his mug, Milo is about to blow too. So, cum hungry Cook plants his open mouthed peter eater by Harper’s uncut cock just as it erupts! He gets the glorious goo he so desires. And, while his face is still covered in nut, cream loving Cook swallows Milo’s meat whole once more, making sure he milks every last delicious drop from the dude’s still dripping dick.

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