Bare Buddies

helix-studios - Bare Buddies

Long donged Ethan Helms and adorable blond boy bait Jamie Ray get raw with a ravenous horny hunger that can only be satisfied with a severe slamming! The two twinks suck face before turning their sucking talents down below to tag team each other’s tasty torpedoes. Ray slurps Ethan’s big rig deep down past his tonsils while twirling his twinkie tongue around the thick dick in a gag worthy throat penetrating performance. Jamie’s jock game is on point and has Helms hard as hell and ready to ram. He pushes his perfect piece inside the angel faced fuck whore slowly at first, making sure he doesn’t split the tiny twink in two with that wide weapon. Through muffled moans of pleasure, Jack off Jamie comments on the girthy goodness of Ethan’s gorgeous groin while he continues to grind it in deeper. After a few slow, sultry slow schlong slams, Helms turns up the heat and brings the hammer down hard, pounding pretty boy’s pucker to a porny perfect pulp! The wild rumpus reaches fever pitch as pure white pleasure cums pouring out, covering Jamie in buckets of jizz from their jack off fuck fountains.

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