Game for Two

helix-studios - Game for Two

Boyfriends Dustin Cook and Taylor Colman are spending the weekend in their new place and Dustin seems to be content just playing video games; but, Taylor is horny and hellbent on christening the apartment with an epic ass banging adventure! Cook is concentrating on his game but Coleman doesn’t give up easily. He climbs on top of the twink and plants HIS juicy joystick right in the lad’s lap! The tasty twinks play tonsil hockey as they tear at each other’s clothes. Taylor feels Cook’s cock thickening and he kneels on the floor to worship the wide weapon with his wet mouth. Dustin orders Taylor to stand up and he delivers a dick slurping suck job so good he winds up gasping for air. The couple kiss, tasting their own cocks as they do before Taylor offers Dustin a raw ride. The dirty blond lays back on the couch and Dustin eases his smooth sex hole down on the kid’s cock. Cook crashes ass down on that “D” with all his might before Taylor takes him to task, bulldozing bone up hard and fast till his balls bounce off the boy’s buoyant butt cheeks. The smooth, young sexaholics switch it up and Coleman gets cocked, bent up like a pretzel with his knees around his ears but not before Dustin eats that delicious derriere like dinner! Taylor is feeling topish today; so, the tush tag team continues with him hard knockin’ his fast filling nuts against Dustin’s dunk. The too cute couple look into each other’s eyes while Taylor tears into Cook’s cock hungry hole. Then, Dustin grapples with his groin until gallons of guy goo splash out, spraying the leather couch like a summertime sprinkler. Taylor is right behind Dustin (in more ways than one) and announces his arrival. Dustin is feeling deliciously dirty and Tells Taylor just where to put his tidal wave of twink toss. As requested, Coleman douses the dude right in the kisser with a thick drink of liquid dick and Cook laps up the the luxurious load with gusto.

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