Bathroom Bang

helix-studios - Bathroom Bang

Julian Bell is fresh from the shower and putting the final spritz of spray to his perfect do when boyfriend Dustin Cook walks into the bathroom unable to resist the blond boy who IS looking luscious. Bell is helpless against Cook’s charms AND cock and gives in, igniting a four alarm fire fuck in the bathroom! After a romantic make out, Dustin unzips Julian’s jeans and sucks his fresh, clean cock down to the balls. The brunette bone blaster presses his pretty face against the towhead’s tight torso, lodging the kid’s dick deep down Dustin’s gullet in a gagging good groin gulp. Julian returns the ravenously good rod sucking on his knees as Dustin pulls him by the back of the head. Cook likes a full menu and next on this twink tasting tour is blond boy’s smooth booty. Dustin devour’s the dude’s delicious derriere while spreading the his cheeks. He slips a finger in the boy’s backdoor then comments on how tight the tunnel is, making Dustin anxious to slip his schlong in there. He saunters up to Bell’s booty and slides his bareback boner inside the horned up hottie’s hole. Cook quickly cranks up the heat, hammering the blond hard as hell. Julian jacks his smooth jock then lets it loose so he can just enjoy the balls deep banging while his bone bounces for our viewing pleasure. As I said, Dustin likes a full menu and after topping Bell’s behind ferociously he want’s Julian’s junk up his own trunk. He lays on the bathroom counter, legs in the air and Bell blasts into his horny hole. Bell’s balls slap Cook’s can while his pipe is laid deep causing Dustin’s thick dick to cover his creamy smooth torso with cum. Dustin hops off the counter and plants his face in the line of white hot, fuck fire. Julian’s throbbing jock EXPLODES, serving THE raunchiest, fantastic facial we’ve seen in ages! Bell blasts the boy in the hair, all over his face and covers the kid’s glasses with his gorgeous glaze. Cook craves more and sucks the last of his lover’s load down his throat. Looks like Julian will be taking ANOTHER shower, only this time he’ll have company.

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