A Good Morning

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Jimmy Andrews and Chase Williams

New model Chase Williams solo debut was wildly successful. You’ll be seeing MUCH more of this smooth, dirty blond big dicked babe so we’ve set him up with a room of his own at the Helix Mansion along with several other sexed up superstars. Giant jocked Jimmy Andrews has been flirting with the newbie and finally makes his move waking Williams with tender kisses as he sleeps. Chase has been anxiously awaiting this moment and wraps his arms around the tattooed twink and kisses him deep. Jimmy takes his time kissing every inch of the twink’s flawless flesh as he undresses the dude. Then, he pulls at William’s sexy black undies and his already raging, hard hog flops back against his tight stomach with a lusty loud thud.

Andrews eats every thick inch of that dick before shoving his own bulging boy briefs at Chase’s drooling cock sucker. Williams waxes poetic on the porn prince’s perfect pole but Andrew’s ass is hungry and needs tending to. He straddles the young stud’s Clydesdale sized cock and makes every inch disappear. Andrews bounces on the new boy’s bone hard while his own ample appendage sways and swings around seductively. Our dick hungry dynamic duo switch places and Chase take a raunchy ride, getting his gorgeous bubble butt filled with raw fuck. Andrews likes control and orders the fresh meat onto his back so he can bulldoze that bionic boner of his at top speed. Our famous cock cam catches his smooth peaches and cream caboose crashing that colossal cock deep in newbie’s derriere. Andrews flicks his fuck boy’s pierced nips and Williams white hot wad cums splashing out. His twitching tush causes Jimmy’s Johnson to let it’s juice loose as well and he hoses the hottie down with a thick layer of liquid dick. If THIS is what Chase Williams is like in his FIRST on film fuck, expect BIG things from this beautiful babe!

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