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Gabe Issac has been hanging out with new friend Caleb Gray and the sexual tension between the two twinks has been brewing. It reaches a fever pitch as the pair are chilling after school outside a convenience store when Caleb notices Gabe in a haze and asks what’s on his mind. Since their relationship is new, he describes a delicious fantasy but uses the term “this guy,” hoping Caleb will connect the dirty dots and get the horny hint that it’s HIS hog he wants! Caleb is extremely interested and pictures the porny act exactly as Isaac describes it in this dick filled fantasy. He throws Gabe on the bed, pulls his jeans down and cums face to face with a gigantic bulge protruding from tight red undies. Caleb licks and sucks the big red apple through the dude’s drawers, teasing his buddy a bit before going in and gulping the giant groin till he’s gasping for air. He comes up panting but quickly gets to work on Isaac’s big cum filled balls before tossing his own pants on the floor. Isaac enjoys every inch of his buddies bone as Caleb grabs the guy by the back of the head and fucks his face ferociously. Isaac takes his mouth off the kid’s cock but only to offer him a raw ride on his big rig. Remember, this is Gabe’s fantasy and the kid gets exactly what he wants. Gray eases his tight tail down on Gabe’s wide weapon, moaning from the sweet sensation of pain and pleasure. Caleb looks sexy as hell riding the bare hog like a Harley as Gabe spreads the kid’s can with his big hands. Isaac wants a taste of his own medicine so Gray saddles up behind him to settle the score. He gives just as good as he got, adding a lusty love choke as he slams some serious schlong. Gray gets Gabe onto his back for a ball bangin’ butt beating while Isaac pleasures his own perfectly porn sized piece till it spits seed up to his neck! Gray pulls out to jack off and join Gabe’s juice till the twink is covered in cum and looks like a Pollock painting.

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