#helix: Angel Rivera and Shane Cook

helix-studios - #helix: Angel Rivera and Shane Cook

Our porntastic series #Helix is back with a top notch, naughty fuck from our favorite new top and bottom, Shane Cook and Angel Rivera! The guys answer your questions and act out your fantasies directly from the fans on Twitter. The scene starts off with a bang. A request for a passionate kiss breaks the ice for the fantasy couple’s first scene together, this makes them comfortable to answer every query in deliciously dirty detail! We find out SO much about our boys this go round, such as how they’re liking filming in Vegas and their future dreams to their favorite fuck positions and much more. The questions move to requests and both boys get asked to flex. They flex their biceps and bounce their pecs while stealing sultry glances at each other as the sexual tension builds. Shane tickles Angel’s feet by request before they get asked to spank one another’s bare bottoms. Of course Angel bends over first and gets his fanny flogged by Shane’s strong hand. Cook bends over next and seems super into it, asking Angel to spank harder! Rivera mentions he liked it better when Cook was cracking HIS caboose. Shane takes the bait and gives the kid a few more cracks on the can before they can no longer resist locking lips. From then on it’s a fantasy fuck cum to life! A masterful make out goes down while Rivera handles Cook’s beer can sized cock and and Shane soothes the Angel’s cherry cheeked, freshly spanked backside with soft caresses. Rivera kneels down to worship Cook’s super sized uncut cock and receives a side of dirty talk along with his main course of meat. The hot hunk wraps his huge arms around his naughty new partner and lays him down to deliver a delicious dick licking. Shane tosses Rivera’s well muscled legs in the air and goes ham on the hottie’s hind end, eating, spitting, spreading and fingering the kid’s fuck hole. Our strongman scoops up his lusty latin and places him right down on his huge hog, bareback. It takes Angel’s tight end a second to accommodate all Shan has to offer, but soon enough the beautiful boy is bouncing for joy as the sweet sound of hard fucking fills the air. Cook orders Rivera onto his knees, remembering doggy style is his favorite position. He piston pounds the kid’s caboose to a perfectly pervy pulp. Rivera just enjoys the hard hammering for a long while without wanking, ordering Cook to “get all the way up in there.” Finally the fuck is too fantastic and his rager needs some release. He reaches down, telling Cook to keep hittin’ that, then blasts the couch with a hot load of fresh cream. Cook cums immediately after and annihilates Rivera’s raw rump with blow after blow of boy juice. He crams the colossal cock back up Angel’s amazing ass, then lays his cum slicked schlong in the kid’s crack as they kiss once more.

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