#Helix: Travis Stevens and Josh Brady

helix-studios - #Helix: Travis Stevens and Josh Brady

One of our most popular series, #Helix is back with bang! This erotic installment features alpha man Josh Brady and shredded blond babe Travis Stevens. As always, the guys answer your questions from Twitter and, you guys did NOT hold back! Thanks to your queries, we find out what turns the boys on, what their daily routines consist of, and their favorite sexual fantasies! Y’all turned in some spicy requests as well, directing our boys to serve up some nipple play, spanking, and even naked pushups! Once the guys are in the buff, we step back and let nature take its course. The tasty twosome service one another’s sizable schlongs like the porn pros they are; then, alpha ass master Josh jams his handsome face deep into Stevens’ smooth seat for a lip smacking spit shine. After, Brady steps back to admire the boy’s beautiful backside then, breaks in his back door and delivers some serious dick! Blond adonis Travis definitely isn’t timid. The tall, blond and handsome hottie asks for what he wants, and gets it. And, what he wants is Brady’s meaty man ass! Travis tosses Josh’s legs in the air and makes a meal out of his hot hole. He eats that ass so good, our usually top jock Josh winds up begging him to “put it in!” Stevens takes the request seriously and punishes Josh’s junky trunk like a beast! Brady enjoys the bang for a bit before grabbing his girthy groin. The fucking is so good, it only takes a few strokes to bring our boy to the busting point! Travis keeps on truckin’, tearing up that ass. Then, he whips his weapon out and unloads all over his alpha man’s mouth! Josh downs the dude’s dick, tasting his own ass in the process and, getting a mouthful of cum. Travis goes in one more kiss, leaving both boy’s lips covered in fresh cream.

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