Sleepover Secrets

helix-studios - Sleepover Secrets

Dustin Cook and his high school buddies have one more weekend off for summer break before school starts back up; so, he and his best boys get together for one more final summer break sleep over. Cook is sharing a bed with bestie Trevor Harris while his other two buddies are passed out on the floor next to them. Harris wakes to find Dustin staring at him in the middle of the night. Cook fumbles to find an excuse but finally gives into temptation and the best buds become butt buddies with their friends on the floor at their feet while they fuck! The raw romp must remain silent so they don’t wake the others, which is a daunting task considering the massive amount of meat they choke down! The boys do their best to keep quiet but every now and then a gag, slurp or moan escapes their mouths. Cook covers his own mouth while Harris inhales his entire rock hard hog then uncovers it to tell Harris to fill his hole. Trevor pierces his pretty buddy’s booty from behind and through the silence you can hear his massive muscle stretching it’s way deep inside. Cook can’t control the moans of ecstasy escaping his mouth when Harris’ humongous hog hammers his happy spot; so,t Trevor puts a hand over his mouth to keep the cock moaning inside. The bed buddies flip and Trevor’s tush gets a tenderizing from Cook’s cock. He wails wang deep into Harris manhole, pushing out premium white hot boy putty from Travis’ skyscraper tall, tally whacker. Cook uncorks his cock and blasts Trevor’s tight torso with such force the kid quivers and convulses from the sheer force of the boy’s boner bullets! The pretty pair kiss and their sleepover companions come to and let the boys know they’ve been awake the whole time. Perhaps the next encounter will include them all?!

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