Aiden Garcia Solo Session

helix-studios - Aiden Garcia Solo Session

Super popular Helix hottie Aiden Garcia gifts his thousands of fans with this super sexy solo stroke session. Set against the sensual setting of a sweeping romantic staircase and a waterfall wall, Garcia gets his jets going by grabbing that perfect package growing inside his black boxer briefs. He works his 9 inch uncut cock till its fully engorged, pitching a tent and ready to bust out of his strained briefs. The cute teen cock tease always follows through on his porny promises and releases his big bone which bounces free with a wonderful wallop. The golden latin cock god knows how to work the camera, stroking and slapping his super sized schlong around to make sure you’re always satisfied. With every flick, the fat phallus bounces back to our boy’s sexy tight, smooth center. As the water trickles with tantric temptation, Garcia gets on all fours upon the stairs to give us a gorgeous view of that bountiful backside. He spreads his cheeks revealing the smooth, warm center then grabs the tight cakes and teases his hole with a middle finger as his big, juicy balls hang below. When he turns that beautiful body back around, the boy’s big boner is harder than ever. He relaxes on the staircase and eye fucks the camera while pinching a nipple and stroking that monumental monument. Soft moaning sounds start to mix with the falling water and our boy is getting close. That famously huge hammer stiffens even more, nearly reaching his chest. His body tenses showing off his cut young physique and his cock splashes hot young seed all over his torso, creating a giant waterfall of it’s own! Aiden rubs the creamy goodness all over his cum slicked torso. And while he lies there breathing heavy with sweet satisfaction, his dick STILL stands at attention, straight up like a rock solid sex soldier.

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