Thick and Slick

helix-studios - Thick and Slick

Twink tank Corey Marshall lifts golden boy Tyler Hill up and plants a kiss on the young stud, igniting a firestorm of epic porn-portions! Hill amps up the heat with a sultry, slippery massage to a tent pitching Marshall. Tyler can’t help but pulls at the porn prince’s underpants to get at that heated hog. He ravishes the big rig; then, the pretty pair play tonsil hockey while giving us a wank worthy view of Tyler’s tasty tush and Marshalls pulsating piece pressed together. Corey can’t keep his hands off Hill’s piping hot hiney but he’d MUCH rather have the kid sit on his face. Tyler gives him what he wants and takes the best seat in the house while Marshall waxes that ass with his tongue. While getting that amazing booty eaten, Hill stays busy blowing the boy’s bionic bone. Our bronze bottom spins around and plants his wet, hungry hole down on top twink Marshall’s magnificent monster and gets to grinding. Tyler taste’s Corey’s tongue once more, then spins around to bounce his cock for the cam while getting an ass full of fuck. After the wild ride, cock sure Corey orders his beautiful bottom onto his back so he can pummel pretty boy’s pucker to a perfect porny pulp! Tyler’s milks his main muscle till it pours pleasure onto his perfect cumplexion. The site of the white hot load against Hill’s beautiful bronze flesh sends Corey’s cock over the edge and Hill offers him the perfect place to unload. Pretty boy gets got right in the kisser! Corey creams the kid’s cock sucker and Hill sucks his schlong dry before the perfect pair seal this slam with a sticky kiss.

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