Tightly Packed

helix-studios - Tightly Packed

Moving into a new apartment is always a pain in the ass, but sexy studs Ezra Michaels and Max Carter decide to turn tha pain into pleasure! It is their final night in the place so they decide to make one more fucktastic memory. Max starts the bang ball rolling by drooling over Michael’s muscles as he stuffs boxes in a sweaty muscle shirt which he quickly peels off to reveal his perfect pecs. Max flexes his own chiseled chest over to the stud and the hot final fuck in this apartment begins. Ezra eats Carter’s cock while getting hard in his sweats. Max pulls Michaels sweet manly smelling work pants down and his boy’s bone bounces out right into Max’s moist mouth. Carter spins his sweaty partner around and plows his big bareback in hard. Ezra loves every inch, bending over and arching his tan, muscled back as Max slaps his smooth bubble. The couch gets one more cock christening with Michaels spread eagle accepting every piece of pure pleasure into his hot hole. Ezra hops on Carter’s dong for a delicious ride but Carter takes control and flips our fuck boy on his back and hammers hard causing a cum eruption by both beauties. Michaels lays back covered in cum and basking in the perfect final fuck in this apartment. We can only imagine how they’ll break the new place in!

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