Shut the Door

helix-studios - Shut the Door

Caleb Gray is on the hunt and Nicholas Romero has the lucky fuck me fortune of being at the right place at the right time. He enters Caleb’s bedroom, quickly gets the hot hint and the pretty pair get right down to business! They steam up your screen from the first kiss, that leads Nick’s kisser down to Caleb’s cock which he rocks with the dick whore enthusiasm he’s become famous for. Caleb is hungry for some “D” as well and gets a mouth watering face fuck from the lusty latin which places the bronze beauty in the perfect position to simply sit back and swallow every inch of Gray’s gorgeous groin bareback! The smooth twink bounces his bountiful booty on Caleb’s cock like a pogo stick. Gray sees how much pleasure he’s bringing to Romero’s rump and wants a piece of the ass action as well! The boy’s flip and Caleb’s can gets serviced severely by Nick’s throbbing latin dick! The bottom loving beauty is REALLY upping the ante on his top skills lately, to the point Gray has to have him “slow down, or your gonna make me cum.” That gets stuck in Nicholas’ noggin and sounds so delicious he basically tells Gray the same sexy thing, “fuck me till I cum!” Then, the horny hottie gets on all fours and Caleb cocks the olive skinned orgasm seeker till he gets the gooey job done and Nick’s dick spits it’s large latin load all over Caleb’s comforter. Gray pulls his piece out and launches a slew of walloping wads WAY past the middle of Romero’s golden brown back. He plunges his still spasming schlong back up Nicholas still twitching tunnel eliciting orgasmic after shock moans of pleasure.

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