Dick Distraction

helix-studios - Dick Distraction

College jock Corey Marshall is having a bit of writer’s block trying to knock out a three page essay while his BF Danny Nelson is giving some yoga positions a go in the other room. When the Danny saunters into the other room to flirt with Mr. Marshall, we’re quite sure we know why he was stretching that tight little body out; because, these two are about to tear into one another! Danny’s devilishly delicious charms convince Mr. college cock that taking a moment to relax will do him good and the hot study break bang-a-thon begins! Naughty boy Nelson straddles the strapping young stud for a sultry face suck before laying those luscious lips of his on Marshall’s extra large love lance. Pretty boy basks in the girthy glory on his knees as he worships the golden guy’s super hero hog AND low hangers. With his rock hard sex spear spit shined to perfection, Corey kisses the kid then tosses the twink against the desk and fills his fuck hole with raw, hard cock! Danny suggests they take this tryst to the bedroom and Corey instantly starts sucking that tasty twink tallywacker. He then flips the young fella like a flapjack and fucks Danny’s smooth derriere sensually deep with his darting tongue. The yoga stretches are definitely paying off for Nelson who’s back arches amazingly, allowing that incredible ass to be showcased perfectly. With his hole serviced, open and hungry for something thick, Nelson hops on Corey’s condom free cock for the ride of his life! The too sexy twosome switch it up and Nelson gets nailed on his side with that yummy ass facing us. Danny switches into spread eagle to get dicked even deeper, and THIS position definitely does the trick! Every single, sinewy twink muscle in his beautifully chiseled body convulses with pure pleasure as his peen pours pure white gold from that gorgeous groin! Cory cocks his cum gun and empties every ounce of oozy ammo onto Danny, creating a cum yummy concoction all over the twink’s tight torso.

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