Double Trouble

helix-studios - Double Trouble

Ass Master Max Carter comes home to find his roommate Danny Nelson has been using his thing and wearing his drawers! Danny is with his buddy Joey Mills but Max does not give ONE fuck so he bends the bad boy over and spanks the fuck out of him while Joey watches in the wings. Mills hasn’t tried to make a run for it, nstead he sits and enjoys the smacking good show! Carter catches on and soon he’s got TWO twink tushes bent over a chair with their smooth puckers to the air. He slaps their supple young flesh till it’s pink with pleasure; then orders the boy’s to have a go at one another’s asses! The boys do such a good job that they’ve turned Carter’s cock rock hard! With TWO wet, warm and willing mouths at his dick’s disposal Carter knows exactly where to stuff it. With two boner bitches on their knees worshipping Carters throbbing cock, Max takes full advantage and fills their mouths with his magnificent member till it explodes with liquid ecstasy, covering the two cocksuckers with cum. Spent and satisfied he’s taught the twinks a lesson, he orders them to clean the house then hit the bricks!

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