Dirty Blonds

helix-studios - Dirty Blonds

Jimmy Andrews has been dying to get his hands on new Helix hottie Taylor Coleman. He ushers the California kid into his bedroom where the sky blue walls match the beautiful boy’s baby blues and unbuttons his shirt. He kisses the kid’s smooth, tight torso as he works his way down to his dick to put in some serious work. He downs the dude’s disco stick and even bastes the balls before ordering Coleman onto his cock to return the favor. Taylor takes his sweet time on the tasty thick dick, enjoying every hard inch while Andrews explores his ass with a wandering hand. The boy’s bubble butt is a thing of beauty, smooth and perky and framed by tight swim trunk tan lines highlighting it’s hotness! Jimmy dives in and eats that ass like a hungry animal, spanking and finger banging the boy’s button along the way. Taylor asks for another spanking before the banging so Jimmy makes it count. Then, he slides his raw rager up Coleman’s caboose right next to the red hot handprint he left on the boy’s butt cheek. Andrews is an ass assassin but takes one small break in the middle to ride Coleman’s cock; then, it’s back to banging the boy like a drum! Taylor’s breath quickens and sweat forms on his brow from feverishly beating that beautiful bone. He looks down at Jimmy’s giant jock impaling him, then tosses his head back and blows! Andrews uncorks and unloads a seed tsunami all over the boy. Then whips that wang like a weapon unleashing the last few delicious drops!

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