Rise and Shine

helix-studios - Rise and Shine

Lovely Leo Frost is fast asleep on the couch until his beefcake boyfriend, Corbin Colby wakes him with a shower of kisses. Not a bad way to wake up at all! The sight and feel of Colby would “get them UP” MIGHTY fast! Frost is up, pointing north and raring to welcome Colby and that giant cock back home! No matter how many times one has seen Colby’s cock, it’s ALWAYS impressive even for his bf Leo who still always trembles with excitement when Corbin releases the Kraken! Leo lays a mean lickin’ on the massive monster, doing his best to suck the beast down to the base. Not many could take this challenge but little Leo gives it a go, utilizing all his cock sucking talents and hot hand job tricks. Corbin has been dreaming about his boy butt the whole day and when he finally gets the kid’s legs in the air he goes OFF, licking ass and opening Frost’s fanny even more with his fat fingers. THIS is an EPIC ass eating for the ages baby! Leo moans, begging for Corbin’s cock who’s more than happy to fill the kid’s hole with his huge hog. The tiny twink climbs on top, going slow at first to let his insides adjust to the ass invader digging deep inside him. Once he opens up though, Leo is bouncing on that bone like a kid on a pogo stick! Corbin steers this raw ride, keeping his hands on Leo’s hips and cheeks, being sure to spread ’em nice and wide. Colby kisses his boy then leads him into a bent over position so he can slam his salami hard as fuck. His massive balls swing with the weight of the load building inside them, tapping Leo’s smooth ass as they do. Leo, his hair wet with sweat grabs his engorged groin and lets his load loose. It squirts out in giant arches as his ass is still being filled. He can feel Corbin’s cock growing even stiffer inside him, realizing his man is about to nut Frost grabs his cheeks and spreads them open allowing Colby to blast a fresh batch of liquid fuck inside his beautiful booty. He comments on how warm Corbin’s cum feels inside him as Colby continues pumping slowly. He scoops up a few dewy drops with his dick and shovels them back inside Frost’s finely fucked fanny.

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