Horror Movie Hump

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It’s that time of year, when the weather starts to get a bit chilly, you can wear your favorite sweaters and snuggle up to your cutest fuck buddy a little closer. Jimmy Andrews’ parents are out of town for the weekend; so, he invites his new fav, Riley Finch over for a “sleep over” and, a scary movie. The teenage twinks get cozy on the couch watching a classic horror movie cuddled up under a warm blanket. Scary movies aren’t Riely’s cup of tea; so, he’s been anxiously waiting for it to end and, for THEIR sex scene to begin!

Jimmy Andrews and Riley Finch

The moment the flick is through, Finch is definitely anxious for a fucking. After the flick, he immediately fiddles with Andrews’ button down, kissing his smooth, chiseled chest until he gets to that prized package hiding beneath colorful undies which, are tightening by the second. He pulls at the taut waistband and beholds the wide wanged wonder of Jimmy’s gigantic Johnson. Andrews envelops as much of the monster as his tiny throat can hold while Jimmy helps the little lad with a hand at the back of his bobbing noggin. Naturally, Riley’s rager is already jutting out, excited for some erotic attention and pointing right at Andrews’ wet, open mouth. Jimmy deep throats the young dude’s dick balls deep; and, the living room mirror adds an extra orgasmic angle.

The brunette bottom has been waiting to bounce on Andrews’ big boner from the beginning; and, now he goes at it full throttle! He hops on that hot hog and hammers his hips down, dirty and raw before Jimmy decides he wants a taste of that tight, tiny tush. He orders bottom boy onto his knees and spanks and spreads that super smooth seat while burying his tongue deep inside the whore’s hole and eats that ass like his favorite Halloween candy. With his hot, red hand brand marking his territory, twink tank Jimmy jams his giant back where it belongs and bangs his boy bitch like a dirty dog! Jimmy’s thickly muscled, tattooed legs control his colossal cock strokes perfectly while he wraps his hands around Riley’s neck to go even deeper. He flips the boy over with ease and plants that delicious derriere destroyer back up Riley’s rear; then, grabs his groin, keeping total twink control. Which, is exactly what Finch enjoys. Andrews’ ass muscles flex harder and Riley grabs his own rod which immediately explodes, launching lust lava all over his sexy, skinny fuck me frame. Andrews joins him, grabbing his goo gun and adding to the perfect, porny pile of sticky sweetness. And, their weekend sleepover has just begun……

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