Well Hung Helms

helix-studios - Well Hung Helms

Edible dirty blond boy Ethan Helms kisses and caresses our most tender piece of succulent young flesh in the form of Nicholas Romero. Nicholas skin is absolute poreless perfection that always glows and begs to be touched. Helms handles the prime piece with cock loving care, kissing every inch of the lusty latin as he makes his way from those pretty pink pouty lips to his nips and on down to that delicious dick and derriere. Ethan eats that smooth ass with his future fuck plans in mind, plugging his pink tongue deep into Romero’s rump before straddling the twink’s face to get some loin lovin’ of his own. Nicholas pulls his dude’s drawers down and Helms’ whopper of a wang wallops the kid right in the face with a hefty schlong SMACK! Romero takes it on the chin like a pro, then takes the dick into his wet, warm mouth. He works Helms hung hog with those precision porn star hands AND without a gag reflex. Ethan’s appendage is warmed up and ready to ram some ass raw. He kisses Nick’s caboose one more then plunges his prick in raw and deep! Our professional bottom moans with approval as helms jackhammers his giant junk. Helms heaves his jumbo hotdog in our boy from the front before hittin’ it from the back. Bottom boy pipes up with a raunchy request to ride the big rig much to Ethan’s dick’s delight! The smooth cock jockey saddles up on top and rides the boy’s horse cock like a rodeo pro. Helms’ cups the kid’s smooth can as he bangs his booty down on that delicious dick like a kid in a bounce house. Ethan’s long appendage is hitting all the right spots and Romero erupts, splashing Helm’s with a hot, fresh latin load. Ever the perfect pleaser, Romero backs up and aims his pretty face at Ethan’s throbbing cock, mouth open. He catches what he can, then goes down for more, bobbing on that plump apple head to gulp down more of the gooey treat.

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