Quality Time

helix-studios - Quality Time

Adorable cutie Caleb Gray has had Jared Scott’s gigantic jock thumping through his brain all day and needs some quality time with his man that massive member of his! All it takes is some light flirting from Caleb and the cock hungry kid gets his wish! We join their after school sexathon in a hot and heavy make out session that leads Caleb’s cock sucker down south to the dick he’s been day dreaming about. It is all he imagined and then some! The tiny twink tries his hardest but can’t quite get the goliath all the way down his dick sucker, but it sure is fun watching him give it his gag worthy all! Jared pushes his boy’s undies down and returns the cock rocking favor then orders Gray on top of him to eat that incredible ass! Caleb sits right on Jared’s handsome face so he can still get at the dude’s delicious dick as Jared jams his tongue inside Caleb’s caboose. When Scott can no longer take the schlong-gated suspense, he invites Caleb to have another seat….. this time on his gigantic cock! Gray glides his smooth ass right down on that bad boy bareback, engulfing every inch of Jared’s giant. What he couldn’t swallow with his mouth he makes up for with a gorgeous gift of gulping down groin with his sweet behind. Scott cups the kid’s perfectly smooth cheeks, lifts him till he’s standing and services the beautiful boy’s booty mid-air as his well muscled legs flex while he fucks. Scott’s definitely got some strength and stamina and keeps this up for some time, long enough to have an entire mid-air make out session. He finally puts his toy twink down, all the while remaining plugged into Caleb’s can. With his legs in the air, Gray eases his head back and gets completely lost in lust as Jared keeps jamming his jock deeper inside even upping the ante with a light love choke. Gray is at the bursting point, he looks up as he cranks his cock and splatters liquid love all the way up his tight torso past his pretty pink nipples. Naturally Caleb’s ass clenching around his schlong as he busts squeezes blast after blast out of our titanium top which rains down onto Caleb’s already cum covered six pack. Gray’s ripped belly looks like a sexy Slip and Slide and Jared can’t resist going in for one more kiss.

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