helix-studios - Daybreak

Snuggled in a puppy pile of porn perfection, Landon Vega and Ryan Bailey look absolutely dreamy in their undies as their morning wood wakes them from a sexy slumber. Landon’s love lance is so large it lifts the ledge of his baby blue briefs, creating a sneak peek of the perfect piece underneath. Bailey’s waking, wandering hands find their way to his boy’s big boner. The handful of hot morning cock is better than coffee to get one going. Ryan reaches in Landon’s straining drawers for that fat ass appendage, making Landon’s wet dreams a raw reality. We’re treated to a tasty view of Bailey’s beautiful booty clad in a pair of super tight, pale yellow underpants while servicing Vega’s topnotch knob. Bailey’s own bone is about to bust out of those briefs; but, Landon comes to the rescue with lusty good loin licks right down to the naughty boy’s nads. Landon straddles Ryan, holding their huge hogs together in one hand for a juicy jack-fest before sliding his schlong back and forth across Bailey’s beckoning butt hole. Bailey literally begs for a banging while lifting his leg and tempting his tan twink by pushing his pretty piece down by his hungry hole. Landon doesn’t need much tempting, he tears into the kid’s tush like a taint loving tyrant! Vega adds fuel to Ryan’s raging fuck fire by jacking his jock in time with every thunderous thrust as his delicious dick demon begs him to go even deeper. Landon’s love canal is craving some cock as well. He climbs on top of his twink, squats right down on that “D” and lets Bailey handle his hung hog for him while he hammers his hole down on the dude’s dick. He gives Bailey a lil’ love choke to remind him who’s boss; then, he hops off to finish the fine fuck art he started. He rails Ryan like the beggin’ bitch he is, slamming the slut while spreading his smooth cheeks apart. Bailey arches his back like a heated alleycat while Vega brings the hammer down, flipping the kid like a coin more than once. Bailey’s screams out “Daddy” while his dick spasms and shoots, covering his creamy complexion with cum. Landon loses it, shooting his seed all over the boy’s freshly banged butt hole. He slaps his still puffed up piece against the kid’s pounded pucker then plunges it back inside. The nasty nut lovers kiss as Vega runs his fingers through a fine morning’s work.

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