Monthly Archive: November 2017

helix-studios - Foreplay


Caleb Gray’s not only gifted in the groin department, but the boy is on hell of a guitar player as well! Alan Davis is entranced as Gray strums his guitar....

helix-studios - Introducing Leo Frost

Introducing Leo Frost

Florida native Leo Frost is the freshest piece of new meat on our menu! Big cocked Cameron Parks gets the honor of grilling this tender piece for us. Cam coerces...

helix-studios - Morning Bang

Morning Bang

Dustin Cook’s parents are away and they’ve trusted him to take care of their beautiful home while their gone. He wakes up and, being the good little boy he is...

bare-twinks - Horny Boys Discovering Toys - Bare Twinks

Horny Boys Discovering Toys – Bare Twinks

It’s easy for a couple of boys to be distracted from their chores, but even more so when it involves their dicks and butt holes! Damon and Kurt have discovered some anal toys in the bedroom they were supposed to be cleaning, and you already know how this is going to go! Ever the eager bottom Damon is soon offering his ass for his step brother to slide a plug into, but it’s soon replaced by his incredibly hard bareback knob. Watch that gorgeous length of solid young joystick pounding in and out of that smooth tight hole, finished off perfectly with Damon’s spunk fucked out of him and a load for him to swallow.

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helix-studios - Boyfriend Bang

Boyfriend Bang

Get to know real life boyfriends Marcell Tykes and Adrian Kelly (who’s filming for the first time!) This musically talented couple go in DEEP on the in and outs of...

helix-studios - Hung Twinks

Hung Twinks

Tasty twinks Gabe Isaac and David Rhodes are feeling feisty at the park. After a little game of slap and tackle, they bring the spice back to the bedroom to...

helix-studios - Natural Curiosity

Natural Curiosity

As the sun sets on a beautiful San Diego beach, sexual tension rises between Gabriel Martin and Josh Brady. Tucked in a secluded cove the guys swap sex stories about...

helix-studios - Pride Pound

Pride Pound

There’s always a special kind of magic in the air during Gay Pride. After a full day of fun Ashton Summers and Tyler Hill head back to the house to...

helix-studios - Wet and Wild

Wet and Wild

Young and tender, tasty delights Devin Lewis and Jimmy Andrews are sexing up an already hot jacuzzi and turning it into a boiling blowjob batch of chicken soup! After the...

bare-twinks - Three Raw Twink Cocks To Share - Bare Twinks

Three Raw Twink Cocks To Share – Bare Twinks

Sweet young Cameron might look pretty innocent, but this hairless young man knows how to get a horny party started. Within moments of him arriving he’s persuading Damon and Kurt to abandon their gaming and get their hard young cocks out. Of course, it’s not too difficult to persuade a couple of hot young bloke like these to share their dicks, their mouths and their tight little butt holes too. Watch as both Cameron and Damon take a whole lot of raw young rod, with a special fuck train and some amazing breeding! This is how horny boys should spend an afternoon together!

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helix-studios - Raw Rollers

Raw Rollers

Joey Mills and Cole Claire spend the day roller blading and skate boarding together, sharing stories as they enjoy the romantic scenery. They also enjoy a crazy hot kiss on...