Monthly Archive: July 2017

helix-studios - Beach Bodies

Beach Bodies

Joey Mills and Josh Brady are servin’ up some sizzling hot, sea side sex in this summer time scorcher! After horsing around under the boardwalk on a gorgeous San Diego...

helix-studios - Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin'

School buddies Jamie Ray and Jared Scott bump into each other during summer break while hormones are in full bloom. With none of their classmates around, the pair decide to...

bare-twinks - Kyle Catches A Wild Fuckizard! - Bare Twinks

Kyle Catches A Wild Fuckizard! – Bare Twinks

Trainer Kyle has found and captured a Fuckizard, one of the rarest possible! It’s easy to see why he’s so pleased when he finally releases him in the bedroom. The Fuckizard is soon feeding Kyle that big bare joystick, rimming his perfectly smooth ass and sinking his impressive length deep into that tight hole. Kyle is in heaven, riding that shaft all over the bed and enjoying the pleasure as his new Fuckizard prods at his prostate and makes him spurt hot spunk! With a warm load splashed over his back and that wet dick sliding back into his pucker he’s a very happy trainer indeed!

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helix-studios - Introducing Ben Masters

Introducing Ben Masters

Ben Masters is an adorable goofball in a sexy way and Erza Michaels is the strong and stern type, TOGETHER, these two are sexually explosive! The guys get to know...

helix-studios - Ben Masters: Seduction Solo

Ben Masters: Seduction Solo

Ben Masters is a stunning, graceful sexy young man. He seduces you slowly and puts on one hell of a sexy stroke show. Long and lean like a powerful ballet...

helix-studios - #helix: Kyle Ross and Corbin Colby

#helix: Kyle Ross and Corbin Colby

Spanking, Rimming, fingering and fucking OH MY! Corbin Colby and Kyle Ross are at their fan’s mercy, answering every dirty question you asked, AND acting out every deliciously dirty act...

helix-studios - Big Dick Boys

Big Dick Boys

When moms not home the boys will play, and these two have got a LOT to play with! Young bucks Gabe Isaac and Devin Lewis are hung like donkeys and...

bare-twinks - Casey Abandons The Camera For That Ass! - Bare Twinks

Casey Abandons The Camera For That Ass! – Bare Twinks

Casey is far too tempted to be able to maintain his professional standards, but we totally get it! He’s snapping pics of cute Cameron and soon has to abandon his duties, giving in to the chance to share some hard young joystick and enjoy that snug little rump! Cameron is more than happy about it as they lick and slurp each other, but it’s the deep fucking all over the bed that finally has him squirting his seed out. With his load spent he takes some final deep thrusts from his bareback buddy and enjoys a very messy facial too!

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helix-studios - Bareback Bubble Butts

Bareback Bubble Butts

Sun streams through the blinds highlighting the tight, tanned bodies of Ezra Michaels and Logan Cross intertwined in an ass grabbing make out session. The massively hot Michaels directs Cross...

helix-studios - Ezra Michaels: Boudoir Session

Ezra Michaels: Boudoir Session

Ezra Michaels is a rare find, the kind of guy you’d see in a glossy fashion magazine and fantasize about fucking the shit out of you. In a master suite’s...

helix-studios - Introducing Garrett Graves

Introducing Garrett Graves

We’ve brought out the big gunned Josh Brady to welcome newbie Garrett Graves to our Helix family! The boys get to know each other as they talk about high school...

helix-studios - Tickle Threeway

Tickle Threeway

Join this tantalizing tickle fight from teen heart throbs Grayson Lange, Hunter Graham and Drew Baker at their sexy sleep over. With tender teens this age hormones are raging and...