Monthly Archive: October 2017

helix-studios - Haunted Holes 0

Haunted Holes

A gorgeous group of Helix hotties swap Halloween stories before gathering up the nerve to enter a spooky haunted house. Out and on the other side of the scares the...

helix-studios - Flipped and Fucked 0

Flipped and Fucked

Grab a box of tissues and brace yourself for the ULTIMATE flip fuck starring two of our HOTTEST superstars! Blond Adonis Max Carter and latin god Landon Vega make scalding...

helix-studios - Feels Nice 0

Feels Nice

Jamie Ray and Caleb Gray meet up at the park after school and can’t keep their hands off each other so they decide to take to to the bedroom before...

bare-twinks - Step-Brothers Get Very Horny! - Bare Twinks 0

Step-Brothers Get Very Horny! – Bare Twinks

When parents hook up and yonug studs like Austin and Damon find themselves expecting to become almost brothers it can bring a lot of problems, but there are some very hot bonuses too! The boys are supposed to be doing the laundry, but soon enough they’re distracted by the hard young cocks in their pants. See the adorable young step brothers feasting on dick, enjoying a mutual sucking 69 that can only lead to a bare young boner crammed into a tight little hole. Gorgeous boy Damon gets it good as adorable little twink Austin pounds his butt and finishes with a big facial for the new arrival to eat!

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helix-studios - Introducing Marcell Tykes 0

Introducing Marcell Tykes

Minnesota native Marcell Tykes is fresh out of the gate and ready to take a big bite from all life has to offer! He’s the newest guy on our roster...

helix-studios - Adam Hunt Solo Session 0

Adam Hunt Solo Session

Fresh off the plane from Ohio, beautiful blond boy Adam Hunt is shacked up with Max Carter and his camera which can only mean things are about to get good...

helix-studios - Stretching Out with Marcell Tykes 0

Stretching Out with Marcell Tykes

Smooth and stunning with the body of a dancer, Marcell Tykes stretches as he does every morning, only today we get to peep in! We catch a glimpse of the...

helix-studios - Boulevard Bareback 0

Boulevard Bareback

It’s the end of the night and the club is closing but after some heavy flirting that turns into a hot make out session outside, Cameron Parks and Wes Campbell...

helix-studios - Bareback Boy Play 0

Bareback Boy Play

In the bedroom playing video games, Jared Scott and Dustin Cook find some much better joysticks to fool around with; and, once adorable Dustin is on his knees he finds...

bare-twinks - Teaching The Twink Boy Some Things - Bare Twinks 0

Teaching The Twink Boy Some Things – Bare Twinks

Hairless and hung little Austin is curious about things. He’s looking to get off and when he finds a condom he’s soon getting his big cock out and having some fun with it. It’s a good thing Kurt catches him at the perfect moment, he’s more than willing to help his young buddy and show him a thing or two, but the boy won’t need a condom for it! Watch as the adorable boys swap their cocks, with Kurt’s thick and throbbing length soon easing into Austin’s amazing little slippery hole, fucking the boy deep until he’s pumping his cream and getting a load in his hole! He’s only just learned how to use a condom, but this boy won’t need them with Kurt!

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helix-studios - Big and Raw 0

Big and Raw

There’s nothing like a beautiful boy with a big dick, except for when you have TWO! Twink superstar (looking super gorgeous here with his new clean cut look) is SUPER...

helix-studios - Frisky Forest Friends 0

Frisky Forest Friends

Frolicking through the forrest hand in hand, Alan Davis and Devin Lewis cum upon a shaded area. Being the young impulsive boys that they are, they take the hidden, outdoor...

helix-studios - Show and Tell 0

Show and Tell

Tattooed hotties Landon Vega and Jack Donovan share the stories behind each one of their sexy tattoos. It’s also a good way to get your date to disrobe quickly! Story...

helix-studios - Introducing Gabriel Martin 0

Introducing Gabriel Martin

Gorgeous Venezuelan Gabriel Martin just joined our Helix family and know everyone wants to dive deep inside our freshest piece. We’ve paired the lusty latin heart throb with beautiful blond...

helix-studios - Naptime 0


Julian Bell wakes up with with gargantuan Gabe Isaac in his arms. Talk about waking a sleeping GIANT! Julian gets his knob gobbled by Isaac before Gabe gets up and...

bare-twinks - Breeding His Little Pucker! - Bare Twinks 0

Breeding His Little Pucker! – Bare Twinks

Cameron is so cute, he’s just the kind of boy Chris loves to fuck. The hung young star is soon sucking on the handsome boy’s throbbing bone, but his own long and meaty tool is soon out for the same kind of special attention. These boys are so passionate and so into it you can see just how genuine their encounter is, but that only becomes more obvious when Chris eases his naked shaft between those smooth little sexy lad cheeks and proceeds to pound his buddy all over the bed. There are some great positions, with Chris picking up the pace and making his boy whine and moan as that joystick rams in and out hard and harder. When Chris gets his lover boy on his back and really gets to pounding that hole Cameron can’t stop his knob from splashing cream, leading to Chris pulling out and giving us a peek as his pecker spews jizz all over his hole, quickly sliding right back in to breed that chute!

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helix-studios - Kyle's Crush 0

Kyle's Crush

Beautiful blond boy Kyle Ross has been crushing HARD on uber hottie Ashton Summers. He sees him running the stairs everyday for his work outs while Ross hits the books....

helix-studios - Dustin Cook Solo Session 0

Dustin Cook Solo Session

It doesn’t get FRESHER than nasty young newbie Dustin Cook. Max Carter chats with the adorable jailbait jack off junior who looks like he just stepped off the set of...

helix-studios - Deep Massage 0

Deep Massage

Cameron Parks perfectly smooth, tight, twink body is aching in more ways than one. Corbin Colby is more than happy to lend his beautiful buddy a helping, hot oiled hand...

boy-crush - A Cute Boy With A Big Boner! - Boy Crush 0

A Cute Boy With A Big Boner! – Boy Crush

It’s simple, sexy and sticky by the end, a straightforward session of solo pleasure with one of the most attractive young stars. Justin has the evening to himself and you know what that means! His big hairy cock is soon throbbing with the need to be stroked, and it looks gorgeously tempting as we survey his hairless and sexy body, his length throbbing solid in his fist, his balls bouncing as the pleasure rises. He would love to have you there to make him spooge, but he knows how to get his juices splashing over his hairless stomach.

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bare-twinks - Sexy Selfie Boys Get Sensual - Bare Twinks 0

Sexy Selfie Boys Get Sensual – Bare Twinks

Oh to be a teenage horndog again! We join gorgeous young stars Chris and Elijah in the bedroom hanging out and taking selfies, but soon enough those lips are meeting and the boys start heating up. Cocks are soon slipping between lips as the hungry young dude lick and suck each other, but it’s the butt fucking as hung Elijah slides in deep and raw that ultimately has them erupting twinky semen loads!

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